Since our comparatively modest beginning in 2006, Horizon has created unique exterior environments across the great state of Texas and beyond. Our expansive portfolio of built and under-construction projects includes a diverse array of commercial properties, institutional facilities, and residential communities that evoke a pronounced sense of place. By balancing our clients’ site-specific needs with regional sensibility, market expertise, and environmental sensitivity, we have designed and developed unique, functional properties within established budgetary parameters and without placing undue strain on limited available natural resources. Our most effective means of ensuring the success of each project is of the most profound simplicity – we listen.

By fully understanding not only the goals and objectives of our clients, but also the nuances of a particular site and its context within the local or regional setting, our team thoughtfully articulates a clear development program that responds all applicable variables. Working in unison with all members of the design and development team and rigorously researching any applicable regulatory guidelines that may influence the project’s trajectory, Horizon is able to consistently complete both large and small projects that are on time, within budget, and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our extensive background of completed developments, capable staff of in-house professionals, and long-standing relationships with architects, engineers, contractors, and developers give us the capacity to take even the largest and most complex projects from start to finish. Fostering a collaborative environment and stressing direct principal involvement on a daily basis further ensures the success of all our developments and the satisfaction of each and every client.

"Designing exterior environments blends two seemingly contrasting entities, the built and natural worlds, into a composition that can be both functional and beautiful without placing an undue burden on available resources. While understanding both the preferences of the user group and the qualities and context of the site establishes a critical framework for design, a built environment's richness is derived from meticulous attention to detail."

- Jon Robinson